Cat Cross Stitch Kits – Love Cats? Declare Your Love And Stitch A Cat

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Cat Loving Crafters  Enjoy Cat Cross Stitch Kits

If you love to do cross stitch%image_alt% and you love cats, then cat cross stitch kits will be of great interest for you and many hours of joyful stitching. You’re going to love all the counted cross stitch patterns on this page, I’ve tried to give a good variety and ones that I am especially fond of. And there is an awesome book for cat lovers as well.

You will find lots of inspiration in these counted cross stitch patterns. Maybe you are interested in sharing your creations as gifts. A completed cross stitch work is an amazing present to give someone really showing them your love. But for another cross stitcher simply giving the gift of a kit to complete is awesome. And your cat loving friends will especially glad to receive cat cross stitch kits.


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Counted Cross Stitch Patterns of Cats!

Counted Cross Stitch Patterns


Cat Cross Stitch Kits%image_alt%



What a great book for the the cat lover that loves cross stitching! Fantastic photos, color charts and copious background information on cat. This features all kinds of cats both wild and domestic. An all around beautiful book!






Max The Cat Counted Cross Stitch Kit



Cat Cross Stitch Kits With a Message

A really cute caricature of kitties with a message. These cat cross stitch kits tell it like it is. Bright colors and very nice detail.

%image_alt%Cat Cross Stitch Kits%image_alt%%image_alt%



Hang in there Cat Cross Stitch Kits

Cat Cross Stitch Kits%image_alt%


An adorable precious cat cross stitch kits for you. How many times have kittens been depicted as up a tree and not able to get down. This little guy is in a bad spot but being encouraged to hang in there.

Kit contains everything you need to make this very pretty picture.










Quilted Baby Blanket Stamped Cat Cross Stitch Kits

Cat Cross Stitch Kits%image_alt%


A very special stamped cat cross stitch kits. Sometimes when you stitch you get tired of the color you are working with. Look at the color of this beautiful picture. You will never get bored. Such a pretty and bright picture for you including that perfect little kitten we all love.

This is also a quilted baby blanket. So once complete it is a very special gift or present to yourself. Truly remarkable.








Great Cat Counted Cross Stitch Kits From Blitsy 

Thai Cat Counted Cross Stitch KitThai Cat Counted Cross Stitch KitCat On Quilt Counted Cross Stitch KitCat On Quilt Counted Cross Stitch KitToo Pooped Counted Cross Stitch KitToo Pooped Counted Cross Stitch KitBouquet With Cat Counted Cross Stitch KitBouquet With Cat Counted Cross Stitch Kit



I have chosen these few beautiful cat counted cross stitch kits from Blitsy. Well know for their crafting supplies, kits and accessories. But maybe you would like to see more, Click Here to Search Blitsy for yourself.


Dimensions Counted Cross Stitch Kits

Dimensions is known for their attention to detail and the picture always looks amazing when complete. Vibrant colors and detailed work.

Here are a few of the many beautiful dimension cross stitch kits and even cat cross stitch kits.

Cat Cross Stitch Kits%image_alt%%image_alt%%image_alt%%image_alt%Cat Cross Stitch Kits%image_alt%%image_alt%



Cats of the World Cross Stitch Patterns


Cat Cross Stitch Kits%image_alt%


This is the beautiful second book of the cats in cross stitch books that we started this page with. This book of cross stitch patterns pays homage to all cats, wild and domestic and all the things we love about them.

If you are looking for cat cross stitch patterns this is your book.






More Cat Cross Stitch Kits

Comical and cute and down right handsome cats. Cats for every cat lover and cat cross stitch kits for every cat loving crafter. You will get a kick out of working these beautiful kits. Remember to gift a kit or a completed project to someone that will appreciate the effort.




Love Me, Love My Cat – A Cat Cross Stitch Kit that Says It All



Well this cat cross stitch kit says it all. Love me, Love my cat! Seriously that’s the way it is. Cats rule!

A very beautiful unique critique of what loving cats is all about.








Take A Look At This



 More Beautiful Cat Cross Stitch Kits on eBay

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Enjoy Your Time Cross Stitching Especially These Beautiful fun Cat Cross Stitching Kits

I hope you enjoyed your time shopping and browsing these cute and fun cat cross stitch kits. Half the fun is picking your project and then touching and filtering through the beautiful colors of floss and then getting started. Oh do have fun, I have the itch to go get my cross stitch and join you.

Here Are More Counted Cross Stitch Kits

Counted Cross Stitch Patterns-Choices For Every OccasionCounted Cross Stitch Patterns-Choices For Every Occasion


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