Knit Stuffed Animal Patterns Make Your Child’s Dreams Come True


Knit Stuffed Animal Patterns Also Known As Amigurumi

Knit Stuffed Animal Patterns is a wonderful way to explore expanding your love of knitting. Amigurumi originated in Japan and is the knitting or crocheting of small, usually cute stuffed animals. These are very popular baby shower gifts or many people collect them for years to either show off their knitting skills or how many different kinds their actually are. They are sometimes unusually detailed and life like. But frequently they  are brightly colored but always adorably huggable. Children love them and carry them through several years of development. And frequently they become the favorite sleep companian of little girl or boy.


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Knit Baby Elephant From Craftsy


Here is a profile view of the  Above Baby Elephant Stuffed Animal. This amigurumi pattern is particularly adorable and you can certainly see the detail and cuteness and why anyone, even you, could really love making and owning this sweet little guy. (you can get this Stuffed Baby Elephant Pattern At






Craftsy is known for their beautiful patterns and the detail that they share with their customers. Some of these patterns are created by true Artisans. They are detailed and unique.

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Make Knitted Animals That Make You Smile And Want To Share

These are the most adorable little lambs that are so cute and yes…huggable. They range in size from six inches to eleven inches. This is a knitting pattern rated as intermediate for skill level. But the good thing is it doesn’t matter too much about guage, you just want the stitches tight enough that the stuffing doesn’t show through. These lambs have enough detail and cute looks that you are going to get many compliments for sure. And this is a digital pattern, so you will have immediate access, no waiting.

(You can get these little lambs pattern at


knit stuffed animals patterns



Now You Can’t Forget The Hippo Knitted Stuffed Animal Pattern – Too Cute!



These precious knit hippos are also from Craftsy. A PDF download pattern that you will truly enjoy making, and no waiting. This pattern is for the intermediate knitter. It does use some straightforward basic stitches but also a couple you may have to look up a youtube video. You can find anything on youtube. There are so many how to videos that you will have no problem if there is a stitch you are unfamiliar with. These hippos are cuddly and the perfect size. The bigger one is nine inches and the little one is seven inches.

(You can get this immediately downloadable pattern at


FYI: All images on this page are “clickable”. If there is anything that interests you and you would like more information, or to read reviews or check pricing or whatever, just click the image. We have tried to make it as easy and quick as possible to meet your needs.





An Adorable Penny the Panda Knitting Kit

Penny Panda Knitting KitPenny Panda Knitting Kit


Have fun making this cute panda knitting kit.  This complete knitting kit has everything you need to make pretty Penny the Panda including the instructions, yarn and knitting needles.  

(You can get Penny the Panda at Sew and So)


Adorable Old Wise Owl – Animal Amigurumi Knit Pattern



This handsome little owl is another intermediate knitting pattern, that is available for immediate download. The pattern is quite detailed with 16 pages and 36 pictures to make this extremely understandable. And they list exactly what you will need to be able to complete your project. And this is a popular pattern getting a five star rating with 222 reviews at this time. The details and the color of the finished project is so adorable. You are going to love owning or gifting this unique little bird.

(You can get this old wide owl pattern at


Etsy Is A Place Where Extremely Talented and Gifted Artisans Can Sell Their Creations or Patterns In Their Own Storefronts. Customers Rate The Products Making It Easy To Decide If You Might Enjoy Different Projects.  I Enjoy Etsy And Believe They Have Superior Crafts Of All Kinds.

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Cute Little Monster Bo With His Banana Knitted Stuffed Animal Pattern



Everyone seems to love the minions And little Monster Bo is one of the most cute. The PDF downloadable pattern is ready for you to start your own minion collection. Or maybe you know someone that is crazy about Monster Bo and would love to have him as a gift. The pattern is detailed and is five starred rated. People just love it. They tell you exactly what you will need to complete the project and give you help with the pattern by way of pictures to get you to a successful completion. Enjoy this one.

(You can get This Monster Bo pattern at


Just When You Didn’t Think It Could Get Any Cuter- Zoomigurimi



Zoomigurumi is the next generation of Amigurumi. The little knit stuffed animal patterns result in animals so cute and adorably lifelike, they are irresistible. It is a real joy to watch them come to life as you knit. Can you imagine anyone not loving such a cute adorable little creature. And what a perfect gift. It is obvious the love and thought you put into each animal. This has a five star rating and you are going to love all the animal choices you have to make from this one pattern book. Look what the Amazon description says:

(Get this adorable collection of knit stuffed animals patterns at

knit stuffed animal patterns


Even More Amigurumi Knit Patterns From Amazon

There is something to remember about your shopping experience on and that is the amazing customer support. You can rest assured if you are not completely happy with your purchase, Amazon will make it right. And free shipping with Amazon Prime is impressive. Shop with confidence and enjoy the feeling. 

(Search for More Amigurumi or Zoomigurumi or Knit Stuffed Animal Patterns on



If you Missed Any Knit Stuffed Animial Patterns…Here’s Your Second Chance

#KnitStuffedAnimalPatterns. A delightful way to charm your child with a gift of a new best friend. Knit these adorble stuffed animals and enjoy the look of joy on any child's face. #Knitting

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