Knitting Patterns for Babies – A Very Special Audience

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Knitting Patterns for Babies

Knitting Patterns for babies is a wonderful way for you to quench your desire to Knit but have a limited amount of time. Baby knitting patterns are easy to complete giving you the gratification of completing a project. Plus it is a great gift idea for an expectant mom.

This page features several books of knitting patterns for babies where you’re sure to find something new and adorable to make for babies. A beautiful hand crafted gift for baby is so appreciated. It shows that you took the extra time and care to make something unique and special. I hope you enjoy browsing these books of knitting patterns for babies and that you find something wonderful to make.





Adorable Knitting Patterns for Babies

Knitting Patterns for Babies60 Quick Baby Knits: Blankets, Booties, Sweaters & More in Cascade 220™ Superwash (60 Quick Knits Collection)%image_alt%


Here is another book in the “60 Quick Knits” series which is highly regarded by Amazon customers. The projects include mittens, legwarmers, cardigans, and pillows, and all are knitted with Cascade 220 Superwash yarns.

These are cute and current designs. And although this Knitting patterns for babies book suggests the Cascade superwash yarns. I have used other types of yarns with success. A soft meant for baby yarn is what works well but also the superwash yarns. But don’t feel limited. Enjoy yourself.


Special Knitting Patterns for Babies

Knitting Patterns for BabiesSimply Baby: 20 Adorable Knits for Baby’s First Two Years%image_alt%


Debbie Bliss is a well known designer and a best selling author of knitting books. In this book you’ll find twenty new adorable knitting designs for baby’s first two years, including blankets, booties and sweaters.

Customers say that the photos in the book are beautiful and the designs are beautiful too. I know as a knitter that I find Debbie Bliss to be easy to follow and always complete and frequently she gives tips as to how to do something. I enjoy her work.


A Wonderful Variety of Knitting Patterns for Babies

Knitting Patterns for BabiesQuick Baby Knits: Over 25 Quick and Easy Designs for 0-3 year olds%image_alt%

People love this book, I know I do. It has the most beautiful photography and illustrations to help you along your way to completing some beautiful knitting pattern for babies.

This collection by one of my favorite knitting pattern authors includes several different patterns to give you plenty of variety. including a cute baby blanket and a precious ballerina cardigan. You will even find a little hoodie and a zipper jacket. You will have so much fun with these knitting patterns for babies. Enjoy!




An Illustration of How to Knit a Very Cute Baby Hat



More Beautiful Knitting Patterns for Babies

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