Free Knitting Patterns Beginners Will Find Simple To Complete

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Free Knitting Patterns Beginners Will Truly Love


This page is filled with several free knitting patterns beginners will find very doable. Easy to understand and fun to practice their budding knitting skills. There are also several inexpensive knitting patterns  that are perfect for the beginner and very beautiful to boot.  I’ve also included knitting supplies to help you get started. Even some knitting novelties that many knitters just love to own. So have fun on this page and maybe even find your next knitting project beginners or anyone else can feel proud of.

Knitting is something I have loved and have been doing for decades. But being a knitting beginner is wonderful because it means you have an exciting journey ahead of you. People of all walks of life knit. Both women and men knit. Knitting is done with two sticks with pointed ends, made of metal, plastic or wood. Or you can use circular needles or double pointed needles or knitting looms. There are so many ways to knit. All you have to do is find the one that fits you. It is a fun journey.

I hope you enjoy learning about knitting and maybe one of these beautiful inexpensive or even free knitting patterns beginners will try and no longer think of themselves as beginners at all.

In A Hurry? Click Here to see knitting how to and many inexpensive patterns



 Welcome to the Joy of Knitting

There is nothing so rewarding as successfully creating your first creation. Knitting is a real hands on experience and thread intertwining through fingers experience and clicking clacking knitting needle experience. It is simply the best. Welcome to the joy of knitting. It is never too late to learn!




Easy Knitting Patterns Beginners Can Really Sink Their Teeth Into

free knitting patterns beginners Free Baby Yoda Cardigan – Free Knitting Patterns Beginner


This is a very stylish and easy free knitting patterns beginners are going to love. This little cardigan does not use a lot of stitches and the pattern is easy to follow. You can switch up the yarns you use and make it any color you like or as you can see in the pick you can use a variegated yarn or a even a stripping yarn. And the cardigan is so easy to put on and take off your baby. So it is perfect. You could even make several of them. It is great to have some on hand for the next time you need a baby shower gift.

The pattern is a free digital download at Ravelry. If you are not familiar with Ravelry it is a great place that knitters and crocheters to show off their accomplishments but also to sell their patterns or as is the case here. Give the patterns away for free. So if you are not a member already, sign up for a free account and then download this beautiful free knitting patterns beginners will easily master.

Beautiful Beginner Knitting Patterns

A very wonderful Guide For New Knitters And Fun Too
free knitting patterns beginnersThe Chicks with Sticks Guide to Knittingfree knitting patterns beginners

The Chicks with Sticks have been around for a while now, helping new knitters or wannabe knitters get comfortable with their new craft. They speak to you in a language that is fun and understandable for the new knitter with care to make sure you continue to enjoy yourself.


This book is a complete guide to learning to knit. It is filled with knitting patterns for beginners that will not make you look like a beginner.

And they have instant gratification in mind including projects that can be completed in just a couple days. The book includes 30 projects that even knitting beginners are sure to enjoy and quickly master.




Free Scarf Knitting Patterns Beginners Are Going To Love Learning      

easy knitting patterns beginners Free Easy Mistake Stitch Scarf -Free Knitting Patterns Beginners Will Love

Free knitting patterns beginners scarves are very popular. They are perfect for learning and this pattern is easy to remember. It is important to have a pattern that repeats itself when you are learning because you can be so easily distracted and lose your place. That can be very frustrating for a new knitter.

And don’t think free knitting patterns for beginners are ugly or not as wonderful as a very expensive pattern. The difference is the type of stitches used and the combination of those stitches. Fewer stitch types and simple combinations make it easier to learn when you are new but not at all less pretty. You can use beautiful yarn and any color and get a really beautiful beginner project.

And if you are having fun with your beginner project you will enjoy the experience and continue knitting and one day take on a more difficult project with success.

This expensive looking scarf pattern only uses the knit and purl stitches in a repeating pattern. It is the perfect free knitting patterns beginners will master quickly. And you can use different size needles and really switch it up. Enjoy this pattern.




T-shirt Knitting Owl%image_alt%




How to Knit-Knitting Patterns for Beginners

A nice variety of knitting patterns that will inspire a beginner knitter

Fun and wonderful knitting patterns for beginners. Teaching you how to knit but also how to enjoy knitting. Several different kinds of patterns and great projects that will make you enjoy your new craft.

free knitting patterns beginnersKnitting for the Absolute Beginnereasy knitting patterns beginnersfree knitting patterns beginnersBeginners Handbook of Knitting Stitches:easy knitting patterns beginnerseasy knitting patterns beginnersI Taught Myself Knitting Beginnersfree knitting patterns for beginners free knitting patterns for beginners The Complete Beginner’s Guide to%image_alt%%image_alt%Knitting Brioche-Stitch Socks: 14 Easyfree knitting patterns for beginnersbasic knitting patterns beginnersKnitting Scarves For Beginners (Learnbasic knitting patterns beginnershow to knit patterns for beginners Beginners Guide To Knitting Socks:%image_alt%


You’ll need a good set of needles

Blue Denise Interchangeable Knitting Needles Set

%image_alt%Knitting Needles Set (Interchangeable) – Blue- By Denise Knittinghow to knit patterns for beginners



A beautiful set of knitting needles, straight and circular. Everything you would need to get started with. The needles are interchangeable and come in an Airplane safe travel box. Plus there are stitch holders, extenders so you can have any length you need for your pattern and even button ends. This is a beautiful 4 1/2 star rating Amazon rating.








A Beautiful Easy Throw that is Perfect for the Beginner Knitter

Easy Squishy Knit Throw Blanket Pattern Free Knitting Pattern For BeginnersEasy Squishy Knit Throw Blanket Pattern Free Knitting Pattern For Beginners


This is a wonderful free knitting patterns beginners are going to really enjoy. You will definitely call yourself a knitter when you finish this gorgeous throw. And it is made in such away that you can complete it in a single devoted day of knitting or in a weekend of more casual knitting. Either way it will be done quickly and then it will be a warm snuggle in your favorite lounge chair with a good book (it just began to snow again) or a great present in a hurry.

You could use any color you want. In fact you could use four different colors if you wanted. The ideas could really explode as you enjoy making this Free Knitting pattern for Beginners.




 Next You’ll Need Some Great Yarn But Don’t Spend a Lot to Start With

There is no limit to what you can use for your easy knitting patterns for beginners. Unending choices of color, soft, textured, coarse, knobby, natural, painted, cotton,silk, mohair. You will go crazy choosing what yarn to use first. But if I could make a suggestion. Don’t buy a super expensive yarn to learn on. Choose a good stock yarn, a synthetic and try your knitting patterns for beginners. Then when a mistake happens it is not the end of the world and you haven’t spent much money. Here are some choices to start with.

%image_alt%Coats Yarn E820-8884 Red Heartfree easy knitting patterns beginnersfree easy knitting patterns beginnersCoats Yarn E820-8012 Red Heart%image_alt%free easy knitting patterns beginnersRed Heart E728.2515 Soft Yarn,%image_alt%%image_alt%Simply Soft Paints Yarn C9700Pfree easy knitting patterns beginnersfree knitting patterns beginners scarvesBernat Softee Chunky Ombre Yarn,free knitting patterns scarves beginnersfree knitting patterns scarves beginnersRed Heart E300.0311 Super Saverfree knitting patterns scarves beginners



Easy Knitting Patterns Beginners Will Benefit From The Knitting Kit Idea

This is an excellent way to start knitting. Etsy crafters have provided these innovative and simple knitting learning kits. The kits include everything you need. I mean everything. They include the pattern, the yarn, the knitting needles, they even have a pattern gauge which is a ruler to be sure you are in the appropriate gauge for the pattern. Too big or too little and your finished product will be the wrong size.

These are simple and easy to understand and absolutely beautiful finished products. Etsy understands easy knitting patterns beginners need to be able to feel secure in this new learning adventure. And they want your success. So they give you everything you need. Check this out for sure. And there are more great kits. Check Here. 

Knitting Kit for Beginners, Super Chunky Tassel ScarfKnitting Kit for Beginners, Super Chunky Tassel ScarfKnitting Kit for Beginners, Super Chunky Tassel ScarfKnitting Kit for Beginners, Super Chunky Turban HeadbandKnitting Kit for Beginners, Super Chunky Turban HeadbandKnitting Kit for Beginners, Super Chunky Turban Headband


A Great Instructional Video, Step by Step How To For This  Free Knitting Project Beginners Will Love (Video)

This is a step by step instruction video that shows you how knit this great free knitting hat project. She works with you through every step of the pattern. And it is such a beautiful pattern that will really thrill the recipient of such a thoughtful gift.

This pattern is a bit more advance than the really simple patterns, but this video makes it very doable for even the beginner. Just take your time and re-watch the video to help you along. 

If you want the Free knitting pattern it is in the comments, but to make it easy on yourself. I’ve put the link right HERE.




%image_alt%Forgetful Knitter Jumbo Tote Bagknitting projects beginners

A Great Video For How To Knit Patterns For Beginners (Video)


 Knitting Patterns For Beginners Baby Booties

One of the best knitting patterns for beginners and experienced knitters both, are baby bootie patterns. They are small and quick to finish giving you the instant gratification that is so appealing to a new knitter. And they are so adorable that you want to knit booties over and over again. Here are several favorite pattern books.

%image_alt%Baby Booties and Socks: 50%image_alt%%image_alt%Snow Baby Knit Bootie Pattern%image_alt%%image_alt%50 Baby Bootees to Knit%image_alt%%image_alt%Ballet Flats Knitting Pattern%image_alt%%image_alt%Simple Knits for Cherished Babies%image_alt%%image_alt%Knitted Baby Bootees (Twenty to%image_alt%



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    • Oh I am very glad to hear you are able to both crochet and knit. Sometimes the loyalty to one outweighs the desire to learn both. good for you.


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