Machine Embroidery Patterns -Keepsake Or Perfect Gift

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Machine Embroidery Patterns Machine Embroidery Patterns – Make Something Gorgeous

Okay now you have your beautiful sewing/embroidery machine and you want to make your first project. Many people will make a multiple block quilt where each block is the design belonging to a set of machine embroidery patterns.

These machine embroidery designs can be delivered to your embroidery machine by PC card, CD, USB and an on-demand embroidery design system. What your machine requires can be delivered to give you the perfect embroidery design to fit the theme of your choice.


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Beautiful Selection of Machine Embroidery Patterns


There is Really Not Much You Can’t Accomplish With Your Embroidery Machine

There are so many embroidery techniques that you may find interesting. There is the gorgeous button and loop method that gives you a free standing lace result.  And you may be familiar with “in the hoop” projects. Maybe reverse applique for putting those fun designs on your jeans or your bag. Of course there is quilting which is more used by a lot of people.

All these fun and unique ways to craft plus many more, are done with your embroidery machine. You are going to enjoy exploring and learning new crafts and creating unique and wonderful projects that are perfect for decorating your own home or gifting to someone you love. Or liven up that old pair of jeans you just can’t part with and make them new for another ten years. Or give a face lift to an old bag or purse. The ideas are endless.

Many machine embroidery patterns are included on this page to whet your appetite and to get your started. I do hope you enjoy letting your imagination soar.

Machine Embroidery  Designs

These are machine embroidery patterns kits. They have many different designs in one kit that are interrelated to a theme.  When you click through you will see all the different designs that are associated with particular machine embroidery patterns. There you will also find accessories and threads on Amazon as well to complete your shopping experience.

Beautiful Golden Tapestry Machine Embroidery Patterns

Anita Goodesign Embroidery Machine Designs CD SPECIAL EDITION GOLDEN TAPESTRYAnita Goodesign Embroidery Machine Designs CD SPECIAL EDITION GOLDEN TAPESTRY




Beautiful Golden Tapestry Machine Embroidery Pattern, representative of the stately tapestries seen on the walls in Paris. The rich history of a country can become part of your home. Exquistie detail.

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Golden Tapestry #EmbroideryMachineDesigns on Twitter


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Machine Embroidery Patterns of Delightful and Joyful Snowmen

Machine Embroidery PatternsJoyful Snowmen Redwork Embroidery Machine Designs on CD – Multiformat Pattern CDapplique patterns embroidery machines




Really beautiful details in this these machine embroidery patterns. Several different “joyful snowmen” for you to create and incorporate into your newest quilt, t-shirt, wall hanging, pillowcase. Whatever your imagination dictates.





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Fundamentals of Machine Embroidery

A Great Class to help you learn more about your machine embroidery crafting and machine embroidery techniques. A two for one video class From Joann’s

Machine Embroidery Techniques IMachine Embroidery Techniques I



To view a preview video and read the details about this class as well as read reviews by those that have taken it please Click Here.


How About The Cutest Animal Themed machine embroidery patterns

Machine Embroidery PatternsThreadoodle Embroidery Designs – Applique Sea Friends – Multiformat Machine Embroidery Pattern CD includes ART ART70 PES JEF EXP XXX VIP HUS DST For the 4×4 Hoopapplique patterns embroidery machinesembroidery machine designsDoodle Babies – Cute Baby Animals Redwork Embroidery Machine Designs on CD – MultiformatMachine Embroidery Patternsembroidery machine designsAnimal Faces Redwork Embroidery Machine Designs on CD – 20 Cute Patterns – 2 Sizes Each – PES JEF EXP XXX VIP DSTMachine Embroidery Patterns



 Machine Embroidery Patterns-Color Your Imagination

embroidery machine designsCute Little Animals Redwork Machine Embroidery Designs on CD – 20 Designs in DST HUS PES SEW VIP XXX Formatsembroidery machine designssewing machine embroidery patternsKitchen Teapots Redwork Tea Time Embroidery Machine Designs on CD – Multiformatmachine embroidery pattern%image_alt%Friendship Tea Kitchen Redwork Embroidery Machine Designs on CD – Multiformat Pattern CDembroidery machine patterns%image_alt%Fancy Birdhouses Redwork Embroidery Machine Designs on CD – Multiformat Pattern CDembroidery machine patternsembroidery patterns sewing machinesWhimsical Hearts and Bugs Redwork Embroidery Machine Designs on CD – Multiformatembroidery patterns sewing machinesembroidery patterns machineFish Bowl Redwork Embroidery Machine Designs on CD – Multiformat Pattern CDembroidery patterns machine


It is Truly Rewarding to Accomplish Creating a Gorgeous Project

People love to do all sorts of crafting.  There are knitters, people that crochet, others that cross stitch. But quilting and having beautiful appliques using machine embroidery patterns  is a very special craft. I hope you already know the joy of this creative craft. But if not I envy your journey into discovery. Have fun!

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More beautiful Machine Embroidery Patterns on eBay

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Machine embroidery patterns, to make your own family heirloom or the perfect gift for the crafter you love.

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