Machine Quilting Patterns For Beginners – You Can Learn To Quilt!

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machine quilting patterns for Beginners

Machine Quilting Patterns For Beginners – You Can Do This!

Machine quilting patterns for beginners are the best ways to get started when learning to quilt.   No need to be proud, we all start at the beginning in any project. And learning a new craft is no different. In fact, I actually taught myself to quilt years ago and using beginner quilting patterns was key. Beginner patterns are just as beautiful as any quilting pattern, but the instructions are a little more straight forward and some have fewer steps. The designs are usually straight forward with straight edges and lines. And believe it or not those are the designs I prefer today even though I have been quilting for many years. You are going to find your own style in quilting and eventually gravitate toward what is pleasing to your eye.

The term quilting has become generic in that it is used interchangeably for piecing as well as the actual design applied to the pieced together top of your quilt. The top is made of several different pieces of cloth cut into a pattern and then sewn together. When you quilt it you actually put a design that holds the quilt together, either by hand or by machine. Machine quilting is done digitally and the digital pattern is read by quilting embroidery machines.

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Beautiful Quilting patterns


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Patchwork and Quilting for Beginners (Video)

This is a wonderful video that will truly help you get started and will give you wonderful insight into how to comprehend what it is you are trying to accomplish. Sometimes you think you know where you are wanting to go but no idea how to get there. Quilting is more than just a pretty blanket. It is piecing bits of cloth together in a specific pattern. How you get those bits of cloth is where you start. This is a wonderful help for Machine Quilting Patterns For Beginners.

Patchwork is putting it all together, you may have heard of piecing or making your quilt top. That is the actual quilt or piecing pattern. You decide on the pieces of  cloth, cut the pattern then piece or sew it all together. Then you have to put a back onto it after you have put batting in between the layers, the quilt top and the quilt back. But then the magic happens. Quilting is the stitching you use to stabilize it all together. So that you have a finished product that will actually hold together. Machine Quilting is one way to do it. Others prefer hand quilting. but it is all the same outcome in that you have beautiful designs all over the quilt top that go through the entire quilt and keep it stable and give it design.

All quilters have their favorites. Some love piecing the quilt top. Others like the actual quilting of the quilting design. I can’t decide what I enjoy more. I think it is which ever I am doing in the process at the moment. In fact I wrote an article on How to Piece A Quilt Top. 

Enjoy this Video. It is a wonderful reference work. I have watched it more than once and always learn something new.

You Can Do It! Sewing Machine Quilting Beginners Will Love

This is an instant digital download including a PDF. The perfect Machine Quilting Patterns For Beginners. You can start learning and growing in your knowledge and love of Quilting right now! This is a masterpiece of tips and tricks to help you get past the first step of piecing your quilt top. So many quilters have many quilt tops pieced together but then they stop, unsure as to how to take the next step of finishing the quilt by applying the quilting stitches.

This will teach you how to do amazing quilting using your regular sewing machine, also known as free motion machine quilting, no fancy quilting embroidery machine needed. This will teach you how enjoyable the finishing process can be, now no longer just making the quilt top but actually finishing the quilt, with skill and ease. Remember “it’s not a quilt until it’s quilted”

(You can get started with your new quilting education by downloading from now)





There are many many quilting patterns at Enjoy your own search for the perfect quilting pattern for beginners or experienced. Enjoy choosing your next project by Clicking Here


Quilting On Your Own Sewing Machine (Video)

Sometimes when getting started with Quilting it is intimidating to think about investing in a special embroidery quilting machine. True they are wonderful and produce amazing detailed and really gorgeous completion to your quilt top, but they do have a learning curve connected to them. And it is an investment in time and money.

So sometimes it makes since to start by learning to quilt using equipment you have right in your own home. Your trusty sewing machine. Any brand and age, If you can thread the needle and plug into electricity and run your machine, you can free style quilt. Not only is it fun and beautiful but it just makes since.

Here is a great video that teaches you just how to do free style quilting on your on sewing machine with some great tips to help you master it.

A Bright and Beautiful Quilting Kit Includes Fabric And  Quilting Pattern

If you are nervous about putting all the pieces together by buying all the fabric needed in all the different colors and amounts it is understandable. The first quilt I made was a learning curve fiasco. Oh I had fun, no doubt, but I bought enough material to make three quilts. I didn’t understand the amounts and I chose weird colors although I did get it to work. Like I said, I had fun so don’t really be nervous about it. But you could just go with a kit like the one here.

This quilting kit from Craftsy is beautiful and no one will believe it was easy to do. It includes the fabric you will need and also the quilt top Piecing pattern.  No guesswork at all. What you will need to provide are the basic quilting tools, rotary cutter, pins, rotary cutter, clear ruler, backing, batting. and of course your sewing machine. You are going to love making your first quilt. Yes you will be learning as you go. But you are also going to be gaining skills and knowledge that will lead you into the next quilt and the next and the next. This is the perfect  Machine Quilting Patterns For Beginners to get you started. And Yes! it is quite addictive, wonderfully so.

(You can get this colorful quilting kit, Fabric and Pattern, at

Amish With a Twist II Quilt Kit



There are many more beautiful machine quilting patterns for beginners or experienced as well as more quilting kits at Enjoy your own search for the perfect next quilting project by Clicking Here.


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#machinequiltingpatternsforbeginners, A Great Way to get started with learning to quilt. And you can quilt using your very own sewing machine. After you have created a beautiful quilt top you will learn free style quilting by machine. Several choices of beginner patterns that you will love.

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  1. I love quilts and would love to have a quilting machine and these machine quilting patterns for beginners are perfect for me. I love this post, it has given me all kinds of ideas.


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