What You’ll Need to Make Beaded Bracelets

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What you'll need to Make beaded bracelets

What You’ll Need To Make Beaded Bracelets- The Perfect Fashion Accessory

You may be one of the many that wants to make your own beaded bracelets since it is so popular among jewelry makers as well as jewelry wearers. But many are new to jewelry making and need to know what you’ll need to make beaded bracelets. So hopefully when you are finished reading this post you will be much better informed, and ready to choose your own jewelry making equipment and supplies.

There are many different types of beads that jewelers will choose for their beaded bracelet making or any other beaded jewelry. You can check for several choices on this post that I wrote for beading choices. Gemstone jewelry making might include real or faux gemstones of all one color, or a mixture of gems and colors. You can make uniformed shaped bracelets, or use a variety of beads for a unique and whimsical look. The choices are limitless and the joy of creation will be part of your reward, once you know what you’ll need to make beaded bracelets.

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Great Choices From Amazon For You To Be Able To Make Your Own Beaded Bracelets

The Right Bead Jewelry Making Tools Will Make The Job Much More Enjoyable

Sometimes it is very nice and convenient to get a Jewelry Making Tools Kit, that will have everything you need to create your jewelry projects especially if are among the many making beaded jewelry beginners. Nothing to worry about. Take a look at everything that is in this kit, and stay organized by the included zipper bag that keeps all your tools in one place.

Just have a look at all that is included in this kit:

what you'll need to make beaded bracelets


And this tool kit will take you beyond the beginning stages of jewelry making. This is a kit you’ll be able to grow with.


(You can get this  Bead Jewelry Making Tools Kit at Etsy.com)



FYI: All images on this page are “clickable”. If there is anything that interests you and you would like more information, or to read reviews or check pricing or whatever, just click the image. We have tried to make it as easy and quick as possible to meet your needs.


Maybe A Class Would Help You When Making Beaded Jewelry As Beginners

A video to help you realize some of the finer points of jewelry making and exactly what you’ll need to make beaded bracelets as well as an overview of this jewelry making class. Seven HD video classes with 24/7 availability for you to learn at your own pace and repeat over and over until it is second nature to your bracelet making skills.

You also get the class materials needed to be able to participate in the class and practice your newly learned skills. Check out this preview.


(You can get this class to help you learn wire wrapping and working with beads to create beautiful bracelets at Craftsy.com)


Your Beautiful Beaded Bracelet Is Going To Need A Beautiful Clasp

You may choose from several different choices of clasps or closures for your bracelet.  You can make a bracelet that has a clasp closure, or use elastic when making bead bracelet styles. For example double, triple, and even quadruple elastic bracelets are beautiful for special occasions, or everyday wear.

This is a beautiful handcrafted sterling silver bracelet clasp. The Etsy Artisan is willing to work with you regarding size and length. This is a strong and sturdy clasp that the wearer can wear with confidence. Nothing worse than losing your bracelet because the clasp was insufficient.



(You can get this beautiful sterling silver handcrafted bracelet clasp at Etsy.com.)

There are many many choices of beautiful and unique bracelet clasps and closures at Etsy. com. Enjoy your search finding exactly the bracelet clasps you want by CLICKING HERE! 

Beautiful Unique Charms Can Make Your Bracelet Stunning and Special

You may want to include a special touch to make your bracelet creation different from everyone else. What’ll you’ll need to make beaded bracelets as a gift for someone is to know the personality of the person you are creating the bracelet for. Or maybe you are matching a piece in your wardrobe, or perhaps a special quirk of someone’s personality or something that a person loves and would want included. Just let your imagination go!

You can add one or more charms in with your beaded bracelet to mix things up a bit, or to make a bracelet even more personal, too. There is so much you can do when making bead bracelet gifts and projects! Have fun with it!

Here are some very beautiful gold animal charms that can really set off a nice bracelet and really make it unique and special and perfect for an animal lover.



(You can get these gorgeous gold animal charms for bracelet jewelry making At Etsy.com)

But don’t stop with these, there are so many choices and beautiful charms and unique beads that tell a story, or make a statement. Enjoy searching for exactly what you are looking for by CLICKING HERE!



Expand Your Jewelry Making Equipment Supplies And Love of the Craft

It’s contagious! Once you make your first piece of jewelry and understand what you’ll need to make beaded bracelets,  your hooked. And then your imagination lights up and you know the sky is the limit. There are so many more fun and wonderful things to add to your repertoire of jewelry making equipment and supplies. There are different weight of wires. elastic, specialized beads that make a statement. Colorful cords and elastics. Clasps for bracelets and necklaces. And so many different types of earrings for any occasion.

Don’t let anything stop you from developing your love of jewelry making, CLICK HERE to explore more tools, beads, clasps, wires and everything else you may want for making any kind of jewelry from jewels to beads.


Just look at this small sample of what you’ll find.

jewelry making equipment supplies

More Jewelry Making Supplies on eBay

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#Whatyoullneedtomakebeadedbracelets Learning to make beaded bracelets is a wonderful craft to take up. Accessorize your wardrobe, or make a lovely gift for a friend, or even start a business. #jewelrymaking is a beautiful way to give wings to your creativity.

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