Cricut Electronic Die Cut Machine And Accessories- See It Make It


Cricut Electronic Die Cut Machine- If You Can Think It You Can Make It

Cricut Electronic Die Cut Machine opens the door to so many designs and crafts ideas that you may never run out of things to make. The Cricut Explore offers many ways for you to create beautiful and professional products quickly and easily. This design-and-cut system allows you to put your personal touch on all of your DIY projects. Cricut Explore give you the ultimate precision cuts, using the widest variety of materials, along with easy-to-use software that allows you to design. You’ll love this amazing tool!

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A Great Line Up Of Cricut Machines and Equipment

Three Generations of The Amazing Cricut Electronic Die Cut Machine


Cricut Explore One Cutting MachineCricut Explore One Cutting MachineCricut Explore Air Wireless Cutting MachineCricut Explore Air Wireless Cutting MachineCricut Explore Air 2 MachineCricut Explore Air 2 Machine



With the Cricut Electronic Die Cut Machine, you can design your own images to cut, or pay for something that’s already available in the software that comes with each machine.

Once you have your image designed, you choose the material you will be using for the cutting, which could be almost anything from vellom, cloth, tin or even leather, then send it to be cut with precision. After the material is cut, you can place it on your projects.

Cricut Explore Air Machine And Bundle



 Popular Cricut Tools And Accessories Choices

There’s More Than Just The Explore From Cricut

Cricut machines have been used to cut vinyl for glassware, ceramics, and other products, and to cut paper for scrapbooking, as well as many other DIY prjects. You can keep things simple, or create intricate masterpieces of your choice. You might want to cut fabric for throw pillows or quilts, or some other material for other projects. All Cricut Explore machines cut 60 different materials. Delicate vellum, thick leather, cardstock, balsa wood, and more…all without complicated settings. Your Cricut Explore can cut cereal boxes, iron-on materials, aluminum cans, burlap, silicone, and so much more!

These machines use Cut Smart technology for clean, professional cuts. You can cut a wide range of sizes and shapes with exceptional precision from 1/4” tall up to 11 1/2” wide x 23 1/2” tall.

Cricut 2000293 Cuttlebug Machine, 14.4 by 12-Inch, GreenCricut 2000293 Cuttlebug Machine, GreenCricut Expression Electronic Cutting MachineCricut Expression Electronic Cutting MachineCricut 29-0001 Personal Electronic Cutting MachineCricut 29-0001 Personal Electronic Cutting MachineCricut Expression 2 Electric Cutting MachineCricut Expression 2 Electric Cutting MachineCricut Mini Cutting MachineCricut Mini Cutting Machine




Crafts and Designs Unlimited With Your Cricut Electronic  Die Cut Machine No Matter Which One You Choose

The Cricut Explore offers you options galore. It will become your best friends, and it can be used by beginners and pros alike. There’s nothing quite like it on the market today, and it’s worth the investment to make beautiful DIY projects at home or at work.


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Cricut Cutter Machines On eBay

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Here Is More Information About The Cricut Personal Electronic Cutter

Cricut Personal Electronic Cutter-Create Beautiful Designs For Your LifeCricut Personal Electronic Cutter-Create Beautiful Designs For Your Life



The Cricut Electronic Die Cut Machine and accessories is all you would need to make any design you can imagine. Have a look, machine choices and accessories

Cricut Personal Electronic Cutter-Create Beautiful Designs For Your Life


cricut-personal-electronic-cutter Cricut Personal Electronic Cutter

Cricut Personal Electronic Cutter has gone through several generations of development.  Starting with the Cricut Explorer Onecricut personal electronic cutter to the Amazing Cricut Explore Air 2cricut personal cutting machine. The Cricut Personal Cutting Machine allows you to create beautiful designs for vinyl creations, scrapbooking, clothing accents, and so much more!

Precision cuts produce beautiful DIY projects that you’ll be proud to show off! You can cut just about any shape you want. Find a silhouette or image you love, and begin. You can upload and cut your own designs for free, or purchase some that typically start at .99 cents per image from your Cricut software that comes with each machine.

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A Great Variety of Cricut Personal Electronic Cutting Machines

You have a variety of Cricut personal electronic cutting machines you can choose from, too, each with multiple features that you’ll love. These machines are easy to use and very precise in their cuts.



cricut personal cutting machineCricut Explore One

The Cricut Explore One was the beginning of the Cricut Revolution. I remember watching the 24 hour craft days on QVC and watching the Cricut demonstrated in the scrap-booking heyday of the time. It was amazing and enough to make you know that in order to continue in the scrapbook craft of choice you just had to have one. It is a truly remarkable machine that is simply fun to use.

The basic electonic cutting machine, that’s the simple explanation of what this machine is about. It has truly precise accuracy in it’s cutting ability and it can cut almost anything from paper, aka scrap-booking. Also iron, vinyl, even leather.

Imagine the projects you could create, in fact that is your only limitation. Your imagination. Click Here to Learn all the details about the beautiful Cricut Explore One.











Cricut Explore One Capabilities (Video)




cricut personal electronic cutting machine

Cricut Explore Air -The Next Generation

You start by using the Cricut design space to create your own design, or choose from theirs. Next choose a material. Cricut Explore machines cut over 60 materials offering you the most versatility for your projects! Next you send your design to the Cricut machine for precise cuts that are professional and beautiful. Then load the material of your choice and go. Once your images are cut, you add them to the projects of your choice. It is easy to create with Cricut!

Cricut electronic cutting machines help you express your creativity and design style. You can easily put your own personal touch on just about anything. Your DIY projects will look professional and gorgeous. Click Here to see what’s new and all the details of this personal cutting machine.


 Cricut Explore Air




Cricut offers with each Cricut Personal Electronic Cutter an accessory package of all the things that you need to get started with your next creation. And when it is packaged with the Cricut you receive a deep discount on the price which no one objects to. So explore the accessory packages. They are different for each machine starting with the Cricut Explore One and the Cricut Explore Air and Cricut Explore Air 2 offer three different levels of accessory packages. Check them out! Save Money.



Accessory Packages for Cricut Explore Air

cricut personal electronic cutter machineCricut Explore Air™ Machine + Ultimate Machine SetCricut Personal Electronic CutterCricut Explore Air™ Machine + EVERYTHING Starter Set



cricut design machine

Cricut Explore Air Demo (Video)


Cricut Explore Air 2 – Finally Arrived At Perfection

Everything you’ve loved about the predecessor models of  the Cricut personal electronic cutter is right here only better. Now you not only have the precision cutting on practically any medium, but now you have 2x the speed, just select fast mode when you need extra speed without paying the price of quality. You still have the luxury and convenience of being able to create on your computer, tablet or smartphone. Everything is just the best yet. Including the beautiful Mint color.

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 Cricut Explore Air™ 2 Mint machine


cricut design machineCricut Explore Air 2 Accessory Packages

new cricut expression machinesCricut Explore Air™ 2 Mint Machine + Ultimate Machine Setcricut scrapbooking machineCricut Explore Air™ 2 Mint Machine + EVERYTHING Starter



Easy to use design software makes the Cricut Personal Electronic Cutter the tool of choice for many DIY’ers, and will soon become your best friend.

Start creating pillows, clothing, personalized drinking glasses, personalized piggy banks for kids, and so much more! Put your personal stamp on furniture, tote bags, and other items with the Cricut machine of your choice.

Cricut Explore Air 2 – Cricut Official Look (Video)



Users Review Of Explore Air 2 (Video)


Someone Is Always Coming Out With The Next Best Thing-Cricut Is Already There.

There are other cutting machines out there, but Cricut is the machine of choice for beginners and pros alike. Whether you need a professional scrapbook paper cutter for scrapbooking die cuts, or professional images for other projects, you can’t go wrong with a Cricut cutting machine!


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Cricut Personal Electronic Cutter on eBay

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Cricut Personal Electronic Cutter is a design tool that creates beautiful designs from many materials from vellum to leather. All three models reviewed here.